Friday, 29 October 2010

Is it Real?

      This lecture on realism made me think about Waxworks.  I hate the idea of Madame Tussauds completely and I don't see why anyone would want to spend the day gazing at slightly odd looking fake celebrities.  However one waxwork museum I would possibly like to go to is 'Louis Tussauds Waxworks-Blackpool', featuring the worlds worst waxworks! In 2008 they auctioned off 75 of 'the best', here are some examples:

Any idea who they are? Nope me neither. That last one's Marilyn Monroe apparently...they all look like they've got some horrible skin disease or something. 

Anyway aside from this slightly ridiculous but entertaining place I think waxworks are very creepy and best left in the bin. 

    When at the Frieze art fair in London the other weekend I found this example of realist painting:

  Unfortunately I didn't write down who it was by and I can't find it on the internet so I can't tell you who painted it.  Although its good, I don't really feel that it being painted really adds any value to it and it could just as easily be a print or a photo. I agree with Wallace Stevens (poet) that "Realism is a corruption of reality" and art should be more about the transforming process rather than an exact copy.

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