Friday, 29 October 2010

Lecture Catchup

I didn't really know how to start writing about the lectures so I sort of have been avoiding it...but I suppose eventually it would have to spring up. Our first lecture was called 'This Rough Magic'.I actually missed this lecture unfortunately so had to try and make sense of the lecture notes. What I can gather mainly is that magic and creativity are the same, any creative person will work in a medium, and that medium depends on the type of creativity involved e.g. An author's medium is their pen..or maybe word processor on their laptop.
  'Rough' magic seems to be magic that is completely new and not entirely honed down to perfection. I liked the idea of early cave paintings being like animation.

This picture is of horses and rhinos and found in the Chauvet cave, France.  You can see the expression of movement in the repetitive, energetic marks.  


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